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We provide qualified, GDPR-compliant leads for law firms across the UK by creating highly-engaging, educational online journeys for your future clients.

We are the UK's biggest legal case generator


Qualified and engaged leads generated to date for over 270 clients, spanning across 6 countries, with a total ad spend of over £300,000,000.

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"We're a multi-layer, full service digital agency operating exclusively in the legal sector. In effect, we have evolved into a one-stop shop for law firms in the UK"

- Fraser Kelly (CEO)

Multi-channel marketing

We're fundamentally a digital media agency with a particular focus on social. However, we've grown into a comprehensive list of marketing channels by recruiting the very best and most experienced talent as well as partnering with third parties with a strong competitive edge.

Proprietary, intuitive technology

Because our overall service is so comprehensive there was no one piece of software (or combination of) that would fill the requirements needed. This meant we needed to embark on a lengthy journey building out our own technology. We are very proud of the product we've created and we are committed to it's long term development. We'd be lost without it!

Legal case packaging

We understand law firms. We know that they want cases, not just leads. Many of our clients do not have the resource (or interest) to deal with the thousands of leads that we generate on a daily basis and rely on us to turn those leads into qualified, signed-up, packaged cases. We do this via our SRA registered sister company.

Litigation funding

A common obstacle in the way of our clients' ambitions of scaling has always been the cash flow issues presented by litigation. It can be a drawn out exercise that reduces a law firm's ability to buy more business. Even the process of sourcing well-priced litigation funding can be a headache. That's why we now offer our own funding line at very competitive rates.

Professional indemnity insurance

We couldn't call ourselves a true one-stop shop without being able to offer the foundations of any successful law firm - PI insurance. We understand our clients better than any insurer out there so we are uniquely positioned to offer tailored cover that is comprehensive, approved and highly competitive.

Legal workflow strategists

Getting your workflow right is crucial to being an efficiently run law firm. However, we know all too well that this is a job that is never complete - it just evolves over time. The resource required to monitor, maintain and improve this can be a real burden for some law firms which is why our internal compliance and technical departments are on hand to provide ongoing assistance to all of our clients. We are keen to share knowledge and experience wherever possible.

Panel solicitor management

We understand that it helps if a law firm has an outlet for cases that can't be run internally. Often, we find that cases that we generate for our clients need to find a new home due to the sheer volume. A challenge for most law firms is how to manage those relationships and transactions, which is why we have built into our proprietary technology a range of tools to organise all of this in one place. We also offer this as a standalone piece of software.

The jewell in our crown - Justizia

Justizia is a free membership portal offered to our clients on a white-label basis. This means that law firms who work with us can offer a range of products and services such as family law, wills, conveyancing, legal protection cover ... the list goes on. Being white-labelled means it will be branded as your own law firm and we'll handle all of the re-engagement on your behalf to help grow your business and increase revenues in the background.

A one-stop shop for law firms

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Friendly, professionally trained staff are at your service

We have an incredibly diverse team at TSL Media. People from across the UK and Europe offering the most professional service whilst upholding the highest of standards. Combined, our marketing, legal, design, tech and business development departments (amongst others) provide our clients with everything you would expect plus plenty more.

What people are saying

Faultless service as always from TSL ...

Faultless service as always from TSL. From the first meeting we knew they were serious about the quality of leads they provide and taking care of the end to end process. There is simply no need for us to go anywhere else for customer generation which is a relief as this was taking up a huge portion of our time.

R Burke

Best in the business ...

Best in the business. Having dealt with multiple lead providers over 20 years of working in the legal sector, I've always had issues finding a professional outfit that offers high quality leads. The fact TSL takes this several steps further and offers everything from lead generation through to customer retention makes using them a no brainer.

J Steed

Fraser and his team have delivered ...

Fraser and his team have delivered since day one. We needed an experienced team to take on our entire legal case generation, a team which could deliver 1000s of cases quickly and efficiently and that's exactly what we got. From the initial meeting with TSL we were up and running and driving legal cases within 2 weeks.

K Barnett

Couldn't be happier with the service ...

Couldn't be happier with the service we received. Our firm came to TSL looking for a high volume of leads in a very short space of time. Within weeks, TSL had our staff working at full capacity whilst maintaining great conversion rates.

J Thompson

TSL came highly recommended ...

TSL came highly recommended to us and now I can see why! They have experience in delivering leads that convert into cases which is exactly what we needed from them. Everything Fraser promised us we received, there was no need to fish elsewhere for leads or cases.

S Newport

The guys at TSL Media are just fantastic ...

The guys at TSL Media are just fantastic. From day one, they were so professional, accessible and are always happy to answer any questions we have, even after hours. Their campaigns are some of the most effective we've ever ran and the results were a breeze to work with. Genuinely brilliant. We have no intentions of looking elsewhere to deliver what we need any time soon.

J Rose

I've honestly never experienced a more ...

I've honestly never experienced a more attentive and professional set of people in all my working life. TSL knock it out the park for us every single time with out the box, yet highly effective strategies. We couldn't be happier.

H Pryor

By far exceeded expectations ...

By far exceeded expectations with the results of our campaigns. Not a single bad word can be said. We would never hesitate to recommend TSL Media to anyone who requires qualified and engaged leads. Thank you to all the team.

G Mathews

Excellent service ...

Excellent service. Patient, speedy and professional guidance that made me feel at ease about the whole process throughout.

W Garner

Just want to say a quick thank you ...

Just want to say a quick thank you to the TSL team. They've managed to transform our business with a consistent supply of legal cases. Getting a constant supply of work into our law firm has always been an issue due to a lack of quality within our marketing activity. Now we can focus on scaling our activity with TSL which I have no doubt they'll be able to achieve.

J Holt

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